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Side Job Trader-Tradespeople

Welcome to Side Job Trader! The Nations leading and dedicated resource for Skilled Tradespeople to do work on the SIDE. You are in tremendous demand, and now is your chance to reach the general public that are looking for someone with your training and expertise! Side Job Trader was built with you, the Skilled Tradesperson, in mind.

Finally, here is an†affordable way to advertise your services to a large audience desiring your specific skill. You cannot reach this target audience anywhere else on the web. Donít miss out on the general public searching for your trade in your area.†Get registered and place your ad now!

Our prices:

  • 30 Day Ad only $ 6.95
  • 60 Day Ad only $ 12.95
  • 90 Day Ad only $ 18.95

†What are you waiting for?†Get started here!


Check out the Side Job Trader theme song!